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Antique cash registers

Collectors of antique cash registers in South Moravia welcome you to their web pages.

We are a small group of enthusiasts in the Czech Republic who are interested in old cash registers.

We love these extraordinary old objects, we are fascinated by their history and design, and we also repair and restore them.  We are mainly interested in Czech cash registers, because we see them as being part of our national heritage.

We would like to chart the development and production of cash registers in Bohemia and Moravia, and we would be grateful for any information or advice you can offer us, including any old machines which you may have, which will help us to extend our knowledge.

Up to now we have only been able to study the products of the largest and most well-known manufacturer of cash registers, the American firm National (NCR), which produced models for the European market including the Czechs.

Of great interest to us is the production of cash registers by the German firms Anker, Grimme & Natalis, and Monopol.

We would be pleased to cooperate with you and learn more about your models and the availability of machines.  We welcome the opportunity build links with other enthusiasts of old cash registers.

If you are interested, we can advise you on whether your cash register can be repaired or not, and if necessary we can carry out repairs or undertake restoration.  We can also obtain the necessary spare parts for you.

We are prepared to make an offer to purchase your old cash register whether it is in working order or not.

We look forward to being in touch with you.

Greetings from South Moravia

Petr and Milan